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QQI Level 6 Programme for Homecare Providers

Programme Outline


This Leadership Programme for Nursing Homes leads to a Level 6 Component Award on the National Framework of Qualifications www.nfq.ie.

The aim of this QQI Level 6 Accredited Leadership Programme is to facilitate your learning in a supportive environment and is tailored to address the particular challenges of leading people and teams in the Homecare sector. This programme offers practical approaches to applying management principles that will facilitate you to manage and support your teams. Our expert Tutor/Learning Specialist, Barry Kavanagh, has a deep knowledge of the care sector and the specific challenges of leading community based teams.

This QQI Level 6 programme runs over five non-consecutive days and will help you understand and deliver best practice management in your team.

This programme is for those employed within the Homecare sector and active in or being developed into a management or leadership position.

Our priority is to provide you with the key leadership skills that help you to build a high-quality team that delivers excellent care for clients and their families in a culture of review and improvement aimed to drive forward best practice.

In response to the current pandemic, Harvest has redesigned and transferred its QQI Level 6 Leadership programme to live virtual classes. The programme will be delivered over 5 non-consecutive days as a virtual classroom. These contact days will be supplemented by self-managed learning and by an additional four 30-minute webinars. Learners are required to attend all virtual classrooms.

All sessions are easily accessible regardless of your level of confidence using IT. You will need access to the internet using a PC, laptop or tablet.

Each day will consist of morning and afternoon live virtual classrooms, designed to be highly interactive and engaging. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn in a dynamic environment. Group work, discussions, exercises, and activities will continue to be key elements of training.

Currently, Harvest is working in partnership with LHP Skillnet in the delivery of this programme on a public course basis. Please see www.lhpskillnet.ie for more information.

We also offer the course as a bespoke, in-house programme.


Programme Content

Module 1 -  Introduction to Management and Leadership

  • The role of the home care manager / person participating in management
  • Identifying your leadership style
  • Adapting your style appropriately
  • 360° Leadership

Module 2 -  Client Focused Communication Skills

  • Overcoming communication barriers
  • Developing core communication skills
  • Communication effectively in challenging situation
  • Developing your communication style

Module 3 - Building ‘Client Friendly’ Teams and Conflict Management

  • Managing team development stages
  • Developing “performing teams”
  • Your conflict style & managing conflict effectively 

Module 4 (part 1) - Strategic Management

  • Developing & managing a positive performance culture
  • Carrying out empowering performance reviews
  • Aligning your people with the organisation
  • Employment Equality in the workplace
  • Unfair Dismissals Act – policies and procedures in practice

Module 4 (part 2) - Coaching for Improvement

  • Coaching and mentoring toolkit
  • Implementing coaching / change in the nursing home

Programme Outcomes

On completion of the programme, participants will have the knowledge to:

  • Adapt your leadership style and practices to provide a service that meets the differing needs of clients and teams
  • Provide proper Governance of a well-organised community care setting
  • Develop management skills and practices that create high quality teams and then inspire them to deliver excellent person-centred care for clients
  • Increase your influencing skills by developing clear and effective communications with clients, families, staff and other healthcare practitioners
  • Productively and constructively identify and resolve issues affecting the needs of clients
  • Coach and motivate team members to deliver high quality and professional care to meet the changing needs of clients
  • Develop effective staff management systems and procedures for recruitment, induction, training and performance management
  • Empower staff and increase their sense of responsibility and accountability by delegating when appropriate
  • Describe the key elements of employment law legislation and how it relates to the Homecare sector

Entry Requirements

This programme is aimed at those employed within the Homecare sector and active in or being developed into a management or leadership position.

The programme is delivered through the English language and therefore requires participants to have a certain level of competency to participate in the programme. It is assumed that those employed in the sector in management or leadership roles have a sufficient level to competently participate in the programme.

Minimum QQI level 5 Major Award or equivalent accreditation.

These entry requirements are reviewed for each participant following registration by Harvest. Only suitable participants will be enrolled.



Progression is the means by which learners may progress from one programme to another, usually from a lower to a higher level. Tutors/Learning Specialists will observe learners and engage in formal or informal discussion with those who are interested in potential progression opportunities. Upon the successful completion of an award Harvest will actively encourage and support learners to use their programme awards to progress and achieve further qualifications.

Progression information will be included in the learner induction programme.


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